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I’m Victoria M. Parham, and I am a Motivational Life Coach. First thing’s first, welcome to my life Coaching home here on the web!

My journey to becoming a life coach began over twenty years ago while my husband served on active duty. Unable to launch a stable career of my own, due to frequent moves; I decided to build my career, one that was conducive to military life. I’ve never regretted my decision. That one major life-altering decision to take charge of my career path was a real game-changer, an eye-opening experience, my ah-ha moment. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but the opportunity and timing were too great to pass up.

Working for myself proved to be a rewarding career choice. My decision created an opportunity to influence other people to be more positive and optimistic.

“Envision the life you desire and put forth the effort to transform that dream life into your “Real Life.”

My Mission is simple — to be a leading Life Coach and Trainer of quality personal development solutions for women. I am helping them to transform from being afraid to Fearless, from uncertain to Unstoppable, and from low self-esteem to Empowered.

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25Business Experience
5000Client's Served
12000My Network
2500Self Help Articles
Why Consider Life Coaching?


Figure out your Core Values & align your Life to them.


Overcome the Roadblocks and Crush your Goals.


Overcome your fears - Change your Mindset - Change your Life.


Breathe, Relax, feel well, and become Content with your Life.

Upcoming Events:

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Is a Life Coach Right for Me?
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
EVENT DESCRIPTION Deciding to hire a Life Coach is a difficult task for many folks, because let’s be honest, the rates for a Life Coach can be quite an investment.  Rather than focusing merely...
Cupcakes & Conversations: Celebrating The Year of Women
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
898 Wiggins Road Emporia, VA 23847
Client Testimonials
Victoria, thank you for your coaching & mentoring.  I never thought I could make a professional business pitch. But I did it & you never doubted me or let me doubt myself. – M. Bisset, Honolulu, HI
_M. Bisset, Mil Spouse,Honolulu, HI
The most intriguing part for me as a trainer was understanding the importance of “Research” when you are developing a portable career in cyberspace.
_D. Haney, CRC,RAF Lakenheath
Portrait of a cheerful woman
Ms. Parham was the perfect person to help us develop and host, a full-scale online Virtual Business Owners Training Program for Military Spouses.
_Wilma,SBA Asst. Administrator-WBC
Victoria has trained 400 Military Spouses thus far.  For us, the return on investment is keeping highly qualified soldiers on active duty by stabilizing families.
_E. Roscoe,Navy Program Manager
resource toolbox
Victoria, thank you for empowering me with the information and resources I need to educate my clients in this alternative method of employment.  Self Employment is the wave of the present!
_L. Woodard, Army Spouse,Rhein Main AB, Germany

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