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Years of Hope – Yep, We’re Talking about Bob Hope

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Years of Hope – Yep, We’re Talking about Bob Hope

Years of Hope |  As we dive into the world of metaphors, lets take a look at BOB HOPE.  In learning about Bob Hope, we I hope to get you to understand, that HOPE, faith, and determination is needed to get you to where you want to be. sometimes that means doing somethings that we do not necessarily don’t want to do. What would one initially think about someone who dropped out of school at the age of 16?  Would there be any hope for this person?  This person is Bob Hope.  Comedian Bob Hope starred in over 50 movies and lived past the age of 100 years old.

Hope was born in England and his family moved to the United States when he was four. What can we say about our past? Have we let things from our past get in the way of achieving what we want and living a life we love? Where you came from is out of our control. Where you’re going is up to you.

1. Bob Hope held many odds jobs before becoming a comedian

Long before Hope became a successful comedian, he held many odd jobs selling newspapers, was a delivery boy, worked in a soda shop, a shoe salesman. Newspaper reporter and was an amateur boxer.

Many of us have had to work at odd jobs in order to make money. Working at odd jobs gives us opportunities to discover what we want and don’t want to do as a career.  You take what you can both positive and negative to know for your next venture.

2. Hope took dancing lessons

Hope received on-the-job training while appearing in vaudeville. To hone his skills, he took dance lessons. Hope was such a good dancer, that he took over some dance classes to help his teachers.

Do you have a passion that you would like to expand? Do you like to write or draw, but don’t know where to start? Do you like to play a particular sport or instrument, and want to get better? There numerous classes that are offered to help those who desire to improve oneself in a particular field and topic.

3. Bob Hope was versatile

Bob Hope was a successful dancer, singer and actor and comedian. Bob Hope was an enormously successful comedian. His ability to dance, sing and act very well made him a much better comedian because his options broadened on how he could entertain people.

Many of us are good at what we do in our careers. Becoming versatile could only make us better.

4. Hope entertained Military Troops from World War II to Operation Desert Storm

Hope did a major service to increase morale among military personnel. For almost sixty years, Hope toured many countries to show his appreciation for the men and women of the armed services.

Is there something that you have considered giving back to your community?  Is there a charity that you would like to raise money for?  Would you like to encourage young people to explore a particular career path? Bob Hope was a great example of giving back to his community.  Bob Hope was a great example of not settling to be great in just one area. He was a success on so many levels field of entertainment.

Bob Hope did not allow his past to dictate his future, instead he used the experiences of his past as a motivational reference point — to creating a future-filled legacy.


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Andrea Parham

Andrea Parham

Personal Assistant to Victoria M. Parham at VictoriaParham.com
B.S. Criminal Justice, Old Dominion University
A.A.S in General Studies - SVCC
Member of NPHC-Zeta Phi Beta Incorporated
Andrea Parham
Andrea Parham
B.S. Criminal Justice, Old Dominion University A.A.S in General Studies - SVCC Member of NPHC-Zeta Phi Beta Incorporated