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40 Creative Ways I Use the Galaxy Note 8 for my Business and Personal Life

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Galaxy Note 8 is for more than talk and text

galaxy note 8

In 2017, my new favorite new thing, is my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  I run both my business & personal life from this smartphone.  For the sake of transparency, I’ve  personally owned (purchased with my own money) the Note 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (for about a month), and now the Note 8.

Before I get into the exciting part of this post, let me give you a little history about me and smartphones.  I am a mobile professional, prior to becoming a fan of the Note line, I owned several Motorola and LG smartphones, good phones for their time but they lacked the functionality I needed my smartphone to have.   Then one day my daughter introduced me to the Samsung Galaxy Note line and I’ve never looked back.  There you have it, the full disclosure, let’s move on!

If you’re in the market for a smartphone that will handle both your business and personal life with ease and precision, and you are thinking about switching-to, upgrading or purchasing outright, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then this is the blog post you’ll want to keep reading.

I have been a Galaxy Note owner since the Galaxy Note 2.   I needed one phone that could handle the demands of managing my business, from literally anywhere as well as handling the everyday tasks of my personal life.  My goal for this blog post is to share with you 40 Creative Ways I Personally Use the Galaxy Note 8 to manage both my work and personal life and how you can too!

Here are my 40 Creative Ways to Use the Galaxy Note 8 for your Business and Personal Life:

1. Video Meetings – for my impromptu face-to-face meetings with clients & family.  I especially love using the Hi-Def voice and video feature of the phone,  the Hi-Def service is offered through my wireless carrier.

2. Webinars – I do appreciate the ability to efficiently conduct webinars previously on my Note4/5 and now on my Galaxy Note 8, especially if I’m traveling.  This smartphone is built for multi-tasking and it helps me to get it done, fast and efficiently.  I do use a webinar app io conduct my mobile webinars.

3. Teleconferences – texting and email don’t always get the message across, sometimes you need to have a good old telephone conversation and when that happens, I with the assistance of an app of course, connect with multiple clients, vendors, suppliers, family, and/or friends at a moments notice. I have successfully been able to conduct teleconferences since my Note 3, Note 4, Note 5 and now, Note 8.

4. Presentations – when creativity strikes, I must be able to get it out in the moment. Using my fav word processing app, I’m able to create a presentation on the fly and share it instantly.  galaxy note 8

5. Report Development – by now you can tell, I love flexibility and portability, so drafting a report is really a breeze for me using of course one of my favorite apps. Now, when I’m working exclusively from my phone for a long period of time, I’ll connect to the Note 8 a few of my favorite Bluetooth devices: keyboard, mouse, flash drive or external hard drive, and earphones.  When I need a larger screen, I simply connect my Note 8 to a bigger screen via Smart View.

6. Smartography – logging around the DSLR is not always feasible. I enjoy the flexibility of capturing great personal and business memories (video and still images) right in the moment. Every Galaxy Note I’ve owned (Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, and now, Note 8) has in the past and will continue to allow me the pleasure of doing just that. From time to time, I sell some of my fav things online: handbags, shoes, tops, dresses, etc, I simply snap and upload, how cool is that?

7. Shipping & Tracking – with the help of some of my favorite shipping apps, I can generate shipping labels, purchase postage, and track both outgoing and incoming packages, all from my Note 8.

8. Podcasts – what can you say, I enjoy tuning into a good tech, political, motivational, or inspirational podcast, at times that are convenient for me. I’ve been toying around with the idea of producing some of my own podcasts right from my Note 8, using one of my fav apps, of course.

9. Shopping – my time is valuable, so when it comes to shopping, online I go, using my – you got it – Samsung Note 8.  The convenience of shopping from my Note 8 is simply remarkable. Images are crisp and when I need wider views, I simply rotate the phone (wide-angle).  I find what I need, pay for the item and off I go.

10. Sell Stuff – when I get in the mood to sell stuff, my nifty Note 8 is to the rescue. I gather my items, capture photos using the built-in camera, upload, enter information and pricing and instantly, I’m done.

11. Invoicing – using some of my fav apps, I’m able to generate client invoices instantly, on-the-go from my Note 8.

12. Accept Payments – armed with my favorite payment processor apps and a credit card reader I can accept payments from anyone, at anytime.

13. Blog-on-the-go – open my fav app, input my content and publish away.

14. Facebook – social media is how most people stay connected, so of course, I stay connected with family, friends, and business colleagues on Facebook.

15. Instagram – this is the place where I share my motivational and inspirational quotes for Women who Dream Bigger. @victoriaparham – let’s connect!

16. Pinterest – my name is Victoria and I’m addicted to Pinterest, I could pin here all day, seriously, so many wonderful ideas and I stay connected via my Note 8.

17. LinkedIn – I call it the business networking Mecca and I’m connected with some of the most brilliant minds around the globe, all via my Note 8.

18. Twitter – I refuse to give up on how to maximize this platform, I really do enjoy it, therefore, I’m connected.

19. Calendar Management – I honestly don’t know what I would do without my calendar and friendly reminders of appointments, upcoming events, bill payments, deadlines, subscription renewals and the list goes on. I especially love the color coding and did I say pop-up reminders? All managed from my Note 8.

20. Capture Videos – I love to travel, locally and overseas, and, when I do, I take pictures and shoot videos. My Note 8 allows me to travel light, I stick it in my handbag and I’m on my way. I can capture 4k video and hi-def photos all from my Note 8.  Did I mention that you could attach a flash USB drive or external hard-drive to the Note 8 and transfer awesome memories with just a few clicks?

21. Facilitate Online Training – previously on my Note 3, Note 4, and Note 5 I was able to facilitate my Virtual Business Ownership Training Program (VBOtp). From my Note 8, I can video and voice chat, share content, markups and have the option to record.  The battery power is amazing!

22. Coaching, Mentoring, and Group Messaging – with the Note 8 and some of my fav apps, I’m able to coach and mentor one-on-one as well as moderate group forum sessions.

23. Latest News – my Note 8 keeps me connected to the latest news around the corner or around the globe.

24. Banking and Bill Pay – sometimes, you just want to pay bills from the bed, with my Note 8, I can track account activity, make deposits, transfers, schedule bill payments, speak live with a banking agent, apply for a loan, and so much more 24/7.

25. Printing – from my Note 8, I can print from anywhere. Now, I’m not a huge fan of printing but if the need arises, I’m armed and ready to print on the go.

26. Air Line Reservations – I’m always on the lookout for air fare bargains, and, using some of my fav travel apps, I can search or be notified about cheap airline tickets and purchase them all from my Galaxy Note.

27. Hotel and Car Reservations – I’m pretty picky when it comes to Hotels and since we’re retired from the military, military lodging is always my first choice but in those rare instances where military lodging is unavailable, I can open my fav hotel app and book a room with just a few clicks.  When I need to rent a car, I go to my fav car rental app(s) and with a few clicks, my car is reserved.

28. Scan/Fax & Sign –  I don’t always have time to get back to the office to sign or return time-sensitive documents.  From my phone I scan signed hard-copies and return by fax or email or I can sign electronic documents and return by fax or email.

29. Train Reservations – when our military family lived in Texas, we took a 30 day vacation and traveled home for the holidays by train (to and from). What a breathtaking experience. Nowadays when I need to travel by train, I’ll use my Note 8 to book my train reservation.

30. Photo Editing – sometimes, it’s necessary to edit photos that I’ve taken with my smartphone, with some of my fav editing apps — click, click and I’m done.

31. Coupons and Discounts – I make it a habit to never pay full price for anything and no, I’m not cheap, I just believe in saving every chance I get. So, using my Note 8 and some of my fav apps, I’m notified automatically about available coupons and discounts.

32. Reading – I have a tablet but honestly I get more reading done on my Galaxy Note. Having just upgraded, all of my fav books, magazines, and newspapers are now accessible on my Note 8.

galaxy note 833. Handwritten Notes – I enjoy writing again since the Note 5 and I will continue to write on my Note 8 — the writing experience, using the S-Pen, is real.

34. Voice Notes – there is nothing worse than being inspired and unable to record, which brings me to voice recording. As I am inspired, I simply record my thoughts in moment.

35. Home Security – I have some level of peace being able to monitor the home-front when I’m away.

36. Alarm Clock – is set to motivational talks or music that gets me going!

37. Research – I can’t tell you the last time I went to the library and it’s my fav place to go but the convenience of going online from my Note 8 to get what I need, when I need it – is simply convenient.

38. Health & Fitness – my health and wellness is important to me. I found out a year ago, I have high blood pressure, I can log readings and share them with my physician, log daily calorie in-take, and count my steps all on my Note 8.

39. Movies – I’m not a true movie buff but I do enjoy watching a good movie, documentary, and television show from my Note 8 especially when traveling.  The experience is breath-taking.

40. Music – from my Note 8, I stream some of my fav tunes via my earbuds, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers.

As a triple bonus, I’ve found it super convenient to record on-site face-to-face podcast interviews (I simply connect an external microphone along with one of my fav recording apps), and finally, most useful for scheduling ride pick-ups using two very popular apps.

If you’re still doubtful about whether to invest in such an expensive piece of technology (Price range: $999 – $1000 in the United States), hopefully this post has given you some creative ideas on how an investment in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can create simplicity and up your game in productivity for both your personal and professional life.

How do you use your Galaxy Note?  Feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment below.  Until the next post!

Still on-the-fence?

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by visiting Samsung.com.

Checkout this video review from one of my fav YouTube Tech Reviewers MKHD:


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