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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Victoria, and I’m a motivational life coach. I specialize in coaching women and women of color in personal growth, development, relationships, and whatever life may throw your way!

I have always found satisfaction in life coaching- even before I knew I wanted to pursue it professionally. Throughout my life, I have been the go-to in my circle of family, friends, and colleagues for insight– coaching them on relationship advice, improving self-confidence, or even stepping forward into leadership.

Furthermore, I found great satisfaction and success in the consulting sector of my own Virtual Support Services and Entrepreneurship Training business. So in 2016, I officially transitioned into the role of a Motivational Life Coach.

As a black woman, I have found my passion in coaching women of color through the unique challenges that are culturally embedded within them. From the beginning, these women (like all women) are taught to be the strongholds of the home and family, to work hard, and achieve independence.  These instilled beliefs can lead to difficulty finding work-life balance, and a feeling that either their personal or professional life is being neglected.  My branches of coaching help women overcome these barriers and establish balance in all areas of their lives.

I know firsthand what it is like to be a woman juggling business, marriage, relationships, children, and finance– all while trying to save some time for yourself. I know personally the feelings of uncertainty and the disappointments along the way. I also know what it is to persevere in the face of all that uncertainty: To press forward with conviction despite everything life throws at you. That depth of knowledge and firsthand experience translates into a passion for inspiring women to press on in the same way.

I am committed to making your life the best it can be.  Are you?

Core Principles:

My Beliefs:  ​​”When we discover who we truly are, only then can we become our most authentic self.”

My Mission – To help women to become the version of themselves that they can be proud of.

My Vision – is to live a healthy and happy life; filled with flourishing friendships; surrounded by people who deeply respect and honor one another’s achievements and contributions to this extraordinary planet – where people can live their lives with dignity, courage, and authenticity, being their very best and truest self.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with:

  • State of Alaska Public Defender’s Office
  • City of Anchorage, Alaska
  • Small Business Administration
  • Women’s Business Center
  • Iditarod
  • Family Employment Readiness Centers
  • Civilian Sector Employees – Fed Govt
  • Transitioning Active Duty Service Members & Spouses

Areas of Specialization

Core areas of proficiencies

Life Coaching




Life Purpose Discovery


Confidence and Esteem Building

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