19 Mar

Debut of Online Military Spouse Talk Radio Show Podcast

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“Sharing Our lives, Our stories, Our way”Military Spouse Talk Radio — A new internet-based talk radio show podcast will debut March 31, 2006 and will be hosted by VSSCyberOffice president, Victoria Parham. The show will initially feature two broadcasts per month, covering a variety of topics that are timely and relevant to all military spouses.

Military Spouse Talk Radio host, producer, Victoria Parham stated “everyone has a story to tell and nobody can tell our stories like we can; the Internet creates a medium for us to do just that, share our stories, up close, and personal. Parham, a retired Army spouse, veteran, and entrepreneur knows all too well what it means to be married to the military and brings to the show her high energy, passion for success, wisdom,and knowledge for building virtual companies and portable careers, conducive to the military lifestyle.

Parham has been married to retired Army Sergeant First Class Parham for 18 years and says she’s been through it all, long-term separations, rejection, single parenting, low self-esteem, job instability, low wages, living paycheck-to-paycheck, credit card debt, and through it all has managed to come out on top using the resources available to her. “The mindset of the military is changing, its evolving, the mindset of military spouses must also change and evolve in order to make ones life as a military spouse the best it can be. Our purpose at Military Spouse Talk Radio is to inspire, empower, and educate all military spouses by connecting them to relevant topics, issues, information and resources that matter.”

Military Spouse Talk Radio will also offer website visitors the opportunity to provide feedback on shows, interact with the host, recommend guests, connect and communicate with each other safely through a moderated message board forum available 24/7. The producer is currently seeking guests for the following subject matter topics:

  • Family support services for new military spouses
  • Marketable resumes for military spouses
  • Job interview tips for military spouses
  • Challenges for stay at home military spouse dads
  • Benefits of homeschooling military children
  • Earning money with your hobby
  • Family vacations on a strapped budget
  • Tips on how to plan for your next relocation within the US
  • Tips on how to plan for yor next overseas relocation
  • Benefits of being a stay at home military spouse
  • Benefits of being a work at home military spouse
  • Fun businesses you can operate from home
  • Tips for saving money on a single income
  • Tips on how to save money at the commissary
  • Tips on keeping in touch with loved ones when you’re far a part
  • Fun virtual businesses you can operate from home

If you would like to be a guest of Military Spouse Talk Radio or would like more information on advertising, visit us online at: www.militaryspousetalkradio.com.

Victoria M. Parham, Host / Producer
Military Spouse Talk Radio
(e) info@militaryspousetalkradio.com
(w) www.militaryspousetalkradio.com

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