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Fresh Start for a New Life – Adjust Your Sails in 2018

adjust your sails

Fresh Start for a New Life – Adjust Your Sails in 2018

Adjust your Sails – “When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails,” this is a quote from inspirational writer, H. Jackson Brown, Jr, it’s one that has plenty of depth and meaning if you are facing challenges in your life that you can’t control.  Happy New Year and cheers to a prosperous new beginning.

The only things you can change are those which you have control over. Therefore, you need to find a way to get on with your life and look to the future rather than spending any more time on things you can’t change.

If a sailor knows that a storm is coming from a certain direction, the sailor will make the necessary adjustments and let the wind blow them in the opposite direction.  Remaining on the same course could mean being caught up in a disaster that could sink the boat.

Adjusting to Change is Hard but Possible

adjust your sail
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It’s the same with your life.  Continuing on a course of uncertainty, discord, unhappiness, or disappointments, or, where disaster is looming and just waiting to take you down, could make it impossible for you to ever get out of the “storm,” and head on to safe passage.

It may be difficult to change a course that you’ve been on for a long time. That route is familiar and even though filled with turmoil, it can be strangely comfortable.

Taking an unknown course of action may be scary, but necessary if you’re to get on with your life and take action to make changes that will bring you success and happiness.

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The first thing you must do to rid yourself of fear for the uncharted course is to stop doubting that you have what it takes (strength, courage, and determination) to get out.  Practice replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and soon it will become a normal part of your thinking process.

Mentally prepare yourself by gathering knowledge about your new course of action, visualizing yourself in your new role in the future. You may still run into situations you’re unprepared for – and you may make some wrong decisions on the path – but, perseverance will get you through the dark and stormy times and guide you to safety.

Adjust your Mindset to a More Positive Outlook

Next, remove any negative elements from your life. It may be difficult, because some of the negative elements might be friends, family and others, but it’s a necessary action that must happen before you can get through the present storm in your life.

Set your goals, take action on them and stay the course.

You’ll soon realize your dreams and desires for the future are closer than you imagined.  Wishing you all the best in 2018!

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