24 Sep

Girlfriend Inspiration – You have got to to Trust the Possibilities

Girlfriend Motivation for Women Who’ve Stopped Dreaming Big!

Good morning Girlfriends!  It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Virginia and today I think that I”m going to get out and enjoy this day and all that it has to offer.  I wanted to inspire you this morning with yet another one of my all time favorite, favorite, favorite videos – this one comes from the renowned author and motivational speaker Mr. Les BrownYou’ve Got to be Hungry!  

Every time I watch this video, I hear something different – that I did not hear before, but the one message that resonates every-time is that you have to be hungry for what you want in life.  You have got to be willing to put in the handwork, to do what is necessary to make that dream in your mind – a reality.

You’ve got to know what you’re exceptionally great at doing and Master it and the secret to mastering your craft?  You’ve got to be Hungry!

There are many of you who as little girls growing up, you had big audacious dreams, you were excited about those dreams and when people would ask you – what do you want to be when you grow up?  Your teeth would almost fall out of your mouth because of the intense excitement you felt down on the inside – just thinking about the possibilities of your future.  Do you remember the feeling?  I do and when I would talk about it as a little girl, I would talk a “million miles a minute“, according to mommy ;).  But the excitement was overwhelming for me and I couldn’t wait until I grew up, so I could start living that dream that I had in my mind.

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Well, I did grow up and as life would have it, my dreams – well, they remained dreams, for years — until I changed my Mindset.

What about you girl, How did your dreams turn out?  girlfriend

Are your dreams, still dreams?

Do you still dream?

What happens when you loose sight of your Dreams

We grow up, life doesn’t quite pan out like the dream you had in your mind as a child, and over the course of time, those dreams become less and less of a priority.  But I stopped by today to tell you Girlfriendkeep Dreaming!

You see life has happened – because that’s what life does – it goes on with you or without you.  But your dreams, they are still waiting on you to manifest them into your present day reality.

Yes, I understand, your life has moved into another direction, you’ve probably gotten married, divorced, retired, become a glam ma (because you’re way to cute and young to be called grandma) and yes, your focus is on other things.  Listen, I get all that – but I still stopped by today, to tell you in the words of Les Brown, you got to be Hungry, girlfriend.

I stopped by today to remind you of the passion you once felt about that dream of being your own bossbabe, that dream of becoming a CEO of a major corporation, that dream of writing a bestseller, your dream of going to college or of going back to school for your GED.  Girlfriend, you’ve Got to Trust the Possibilities – even when it looks Impossible.

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You’re dreams are still very much alive,

please don’t take your dreams with you to the grave – the graveyard is full of unfulfilled dreams that the world will never get a chance to experience

I implore you to Stay Hungry and Reconsider Stirring up that Dream and getting back to the business of making it – your reality –

I hope to see you – at the Top!

With love,

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