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Poem: Journey with a Military Spouse

Journey with a military spouse, up close and personal

Author: Victoria M. Parham, Retired Army Spouse & Veteran

I am a retired Army spouse and for the past 20 years, my family has traveled around the world to places we might have otherwise only dreamed of seeing and for that alone, I’m grateful for the opportunity.

As a young, new military spouse back in 1989, I remember like it was yesterday:

  • saying within, I’ll be so glad when we retire. I remember like it was yesterday
  • crying, when my husband went away for a week or so, feeling alone and out of place, feeling sorry for myself
  • the birth of our daughter and my hesitation about working outside the home, knowing inside that we really needed the additional income
  • going out on job interviews and leaving them knowing they’re not going to hire me just because I’m a military spouse
  • accepting jobs that provided no personal fulfillment and no ladder for advancement
  • commuting two hours to and from work, becoming part of a statistic called “Road Rage”
  • landing my first federal government job and how excited and fulfilled I was

I remember like it was yesterday …

  • the entrepreneurial bug got a hold of me and I made the decision to be my own boss
  • opening the doors to my new home-based secretarial service, my heart panting waiting for the phones to ring off the hook, but no one called

I remember like it was yesterday…

  • going from 0 clients to 500 and accomplished I felt
  • my resume clients landing positions with fortune 500 and 1000 companies
  • getting the news “Honey, I’m on Orders” and having to sell my brand new company that was just beginning to bud
  • how crushed I was, saying to myself, once again, I have to start over
  • taking my husband to the airport, holding back the tears knowing that I won’t see him for the next two years, I remember
  • trying to pull myself together, saying girl you need to get a grip, finally I realize that I can only take one day at a time
  • me and my little girl all alone, running a house, keeping the car up, and making key decisions all on my own
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I remember like it was yesterday…

  • two years going by and my husband finally returning home, life being normal again!
  • the loss of love ones, my daddy, my husband’s grandmother, thinking to myself, we need a new beginning
  • receiving the news of a lifetime “Honey, I’m on Orders”, we’re moving to Alaska
  • the joy inside of our family re-bonding as we drive half-way across the country together…
  • proving to myself after four years of research, trial and error, that working virtually, really works driving from Maryland to Alaska, 22 days, five hours, and 30 minutes, working from the backseat of our family SUV
  • landing my celebrity client on the way to Alaska
  • arriving to beautiful Anchorage and saying within myself, this is breath-taking
  • being recognized as a Top Forty Under 40 Business Leader for the State of Alaska and how honored and humbled I was and yet thinking within myself, my years of hard work, long hours and no pay are perhaps finally paying off
  • losing a major state contract to an out-of-state contractor and crying my eyeballs out and asking how could this happen?
  • landing my first major government contract, feeling over-joyed, humbled, and grateful for the opportunity

I remember like it was yesterday…

  • the packers and movers coming to relocate our stuff to the last duty station before we retire
  • looking at my little girl all grown up, saying to myself, where did the time go?
  • taking yet another cross-country drive, this time to our last duty station and feeling a knot inside, knowing that this chapter of our life is about to come to a close
  • getting the devastating news that my oldest brother passed away, the second leg of our trip, “I won’t ever get to say goodbye”
  • arriving to beautiful El Paso; getting moved in to our new home but never feeling settled, it felt like it was only temporary
  • my husband and I working together as a team to pay off all our small debts
  • in preparation for retirement, my husband and I getting rid of junk we’d carried around for years each time we relocated
  • getting yet more devastating news that my 14 year old daughter had an ovarian cyst big as a grape fruit and it needed to be surgically removed ASAP
  • driving 10 hours, to San Antonio for my daughter’s surgery, everyone in the car was silent
  • the doctor saying the surgery was a success and my daughter, back to her self a week later, I felt so blessed, thank you Lord!
  • buying our first home, what an experience
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Yes, I remember it all, like it was yesterday …

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