How can you Benefit from Working with a Life Coach?

On this page, I cover some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns about working with me as your Life Coach.

Coaching with Me

My coaching style is: collaborative, direct, calm, connected, sharp, thoughtful, and sometimes provocative, but always with love and respect.
​​My core values include: respect, trust, integrity, reliability, hard work, laugh a lot, be intentional, no excuses, be purposeful, willingness to step outside of my comfort zone.
​​My ideal coaching client is the woman who is serious about becoming the very best version of herself. She has lived her life on everyone else’s term and she is now ready to re-define her life on her own terms. She is committed to becoming Fearless, Unstoppable, and Empowered in every aspect of her life, personally and professionally. I will guide you and/or your group to achieve this from your own core strength.

Life Coaching is an ethical profession - an ACCOUNTABILITY Partnership between a Coach and Client -- the coach uses evidence-based skills and the power of commitment to help their client achieve measurable results in a specific area(s) in her personal or professional life.
This is a great question! The job of the Life Coach is to help you to identify the barriers and interferences that hinder you from achieving the results you desire in your life and remove them. And, establish balance in all areas of your life.
It all comes down to Priority. What's important to you when it comes to achieving personal success? We pay for beauty treatments to keep us feeling great and looking good on the outside. We spend money on entertainment for our personal enjoyment. These areas of our life are important. How about achieving measurable results in your own life? Allow me to ask you a question, would you hire a dentist to style your hair or a mechanic to work on your teeth? Chances are NO, unless they are Experts in those fields. Now I'm the first to admit that I have sought the advice of family and friends but as it pertains to my personal success, hands down, I'm hiring a Life Coach who is an expert at identifying my strengths and who will hold me accountable, will ask me the right questions to help transform the way I see life as a whole and show up in it. I know my worth and see the value in myself, and, in the coaching process. The question you must address for yourself is: are you worth the investment?

Absolutely. Here are my Top Five Reason's NOT to Hire a Life Coach:

  1. You don't want to pay because you don't see the Value.
  2. You don't do well with Change.
  3. You need to be told what to do.
  4. You are Content with where you are in your Life.
  5. You're looking for a therapist. 
Another great question! Good synergy between you and I is critical. I want you to feel good about our partnership. Therefore, I offer a free 60 minute Strategy Call to ensure that we are a good fit for one another. Life Coaching is an investment not to be taken lightly.

Contact me with your dates and times of availability to speak by telephone or via video.

Yes. I offer group coaching with a min of ten (10) participants and a max of 25. My group coaching brings the coaching conversation into a intimate conversation space where you focus on interferences that hinder you, removing them, establishing balance, taking action, and accountability. Group coaching is available as both virtual and in-person.

Coaching with Me (cont)

Life Coaching begins by embracing a client where they are right now in their life and together we develop a step-by-step plan for getting them to where they see themselves in the very near future.
​​Life Coaching is a life-long journey that will produce amazing results in the personal and professional lives of those who commit and do not quit. Life Coaching can create a greater awareness for clients and enhance their quality of life.
​​My promise to clients, I will help you:
​​Find and align your life with what it is you wish to achieve.
​​Hold yourself to accountability.
​​Discover your own strategies and solutions.
​​Encourage self-empowerment.


Personal Success - 8 Motivational Steps to Guide you in Achieving your own Personal Success.

Choose Life Coaching

We offer an array of options when it comes to your Life Coaching needs. If you're not quite ready to sign-up for a full-scale Life Coaching session, we do provide the following options that will help to facilitate your personal growth and self development progression - slowly, but steadily. The key is consistency.

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My 1-on-1 Life Coaching and Group Coaching Package(s) are designed exclusively for you, the Woman on a Path to Personal Growth and Entrepreneurship; you desire exclusive and focused attention that is devoted solely to you and your transformational process. You know your worth and value, and you understand that this journey is an investment in your present with a greater return in your future. If you are ready to Begin your Life Coaching journey, click the link below to complete the Life Coaching Assessment:

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