07 Oct

Military Spouse Talk Radio Archive – Show 2 – Work from Home Careers

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Military Spouse Talk Radio – Archive – Show 2 – Work from Home Careers Segment – interview with Ms,. Kelly Gump, Active Duty Marine Corps Spouse to Captain K. Gump

Show Topic: Benefits of being a Work at Home Military Spouse

Today’s broadcast is sponsored by the Virtual Business Owners Training Program, “Preparing military spouses to compete successfully in the global marketplace as self-employed virtual business owners. military-spouse-talk-radio-banner

Can you really find a legitimate work at home opportunity on the web?  Can you earn money working from home?  The truth is, if there has ever been a time to launch a work at home career or virtual business, now is the time.  Technologies like high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi hot spots, wireless Internet access, email, video conferencing, online meeting spaces, voice over ip, fax-to-email,  and follow-me phone make it possible to work from anywhere.

So that’s what we’re going to be talking about today in our work at home careers segment,  “Work at Home Careers”.

Today’s guest will is Kelly Gump an Active Duty Marine Corps spouse and work at home distance learning teacher.  Kelly will be online shortly to share with us her experiences for finding legitimate work at home opportunities, managing a work at home career and balancing family and she’ll also share tips and resources to help those of you who are interested in a work at home career.

I hope you enjoy today’s interview, I’ll be back at the end of the show.

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