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Presentation of Interest – Women in 2020 and How their Roles will Shape and Impact the Future

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I spend a significant amount of time  on the web researching every topic imaginable.  I’m especially intrigued by changing trends in technology, our world, business, women in business, culture changes, and work/life. Last night, I found myself researching the changing business climate in the future.

After clicking through multiple links and reading through hours of stats and studies, I came across this awesome website:  The Futures Company.  The name alone peaked my interest and before I’d spent hours at my keyboard, clicking through studies, reports, trends, interviews, and videos all on the topic I originally began my search about.

The  report I found the most thought-provoking was: Women 2020 – How women’s actions and expectations are changing the future.

What was so captivating about this paper?  I don’t really know.  Perhaps because I am a woman who really gets it – that the roles of women have evolved to a point where we actually influence major decisions on so many levels — in business, the work place, our family, corporate board rooms.  We turn ideas, dreams,  and hobbies into million dollar corporations; showcasing our creativity and leadership.

Think about the brands with women at the forefront: Oprah, Martha, Michelle, Hillary, Rachael, Julia, Dr. Maya, Shirley Chisholm, and Dr. Barbara Jordan.

I don’t know any of these wonderful women, only what I’ve read or researched.  What I know for sure is that the women in my lifetime have helped to shape and propel me into the person I am today and for that I’m most thankful.  Each woman has affected my life in a profound way.  I”m certain you too can affirm to the impact women have had on your life.

A few years back, I made a personal commitment to serve as a resource to other women after meeting Former Secretary of State Dr. Madeleine Albright.  Dr. Albright spoke so eloquently about the growing influence, affluence, and decision-making authority of women, and, the importance of  ensuring that the ladder we climbed to get where we were — remained on the outside of the window — allowing the younger generation of women coming after us,  the same opportunities for advancement.

I’d like to urge all the women in my networks to view this presentation.  I think you will find it resourceful as we move closer to the year 2020.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

About the Author:

Victoria M. Parham is a (retired) army wife, Army veteran, talk radio host, and Career Strategist.  Propelling people to reach their greatest career potential.

To learn more, visit my blog: www.victoriaparham.com

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