Motivational Mixtape AudioBook

Motivational – Motivational Mixtape AudioBook – Motivate Yourself to Success

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By: Victoria M. Parham, Motivational Life Coach

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Motivational Mixtape AudioBook

Detailed Product Description – Motivational AudioBook with 10 Tracks

“Motivation” is one of the most universally applicable styles of content. Whether you are trying to earn money online, become a freelancer, want to improve yourself or tennis game or even learn the stock market, you NEED internal motivation to make it happen.

Success only comes to those who are willing to put forth the time, effort, and investment in themselves – they must be willing to persevere through all the obstacles that they will more than likely encounter, and Motivational AudioBooks are the new secret weapon for people on a mission to achieve personal success.

Do you have a difficult time gathering up the internal Motivation to make your dreams and goals, a reality? If you do …

I introduce to you –

10 Motivation Audio Tracks – motivation On-the-Go play them on your mobile device, at work, in your car, cycle, or bike.

Track Titles and Length of Recordings

20 Months to a Million – 5:13
Cherish the Tough Times – 5:24
Don’t What-If Yourself to Death – 4:07
Making a Habit of Personal Development – 4:39
The Secret to Instant and Lasting Motivation – 4:29
Step Into the Fear – 5:39
Systemize Your Success – 6:09
The Forgotten Skill of Focus – 6:10
The Pain of Rejection – 5:15
The Universe Inside Your Brain – 6:10


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