motivational mixtape #2

Motivational Mixtape AudioBook Series Part 2

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By: Victoria M. Parham, Motivational Life Coach

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10 – Motivational MP3 Audio Files


Motivational Mixtape AudioBook Series Part 2

Motivational Mixtape AudioBook Series Part 2 – motivation is probably one of the most profound ways to influence one’s self or a group — through words of inspiration or music.  Whether you are trying loose weight, land a dream job, start your own business, win a game, pay off debt, or save money, or advance your education; to do any of these things — you need internal grit – you MUST HAVE Motivation.

Motivational competence is not everybody’s cup of tea.  It takes courage, it doesn’t happen overnight, and, it comes to those who put forth the effort and hardwork.

If you are looking for a great motivational audiobook, you have come to the right place. I too am an avid reader and audiobook lover. I appreciate reading books that motivate the reader into action. This audiobook will do just that.

One of of the most popular ways to build up your own internal motivational level is through motivational tapes, videos, and books.  Today, thanks to streaming technology – you can build up your motivational mindset on the go through your portable mobile devices like your smartphone and smartwatch.

I introduce to you Motivational Mixtape AudioBook Series Part 2

This 10 track audiobook can be downloaded and streamed instantly from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  On-the-Go motivation during your daily drive, commute, run, or while sitting back relaxing.

Motivational Mixtape AudioBook Series Part 2

10 Track Listing and length of audio:

– 3 Creatives Ways to Raise Your Energy Level.mp3 – 4:11 minutes
– 3 Ways to Program yourself for your own Improvement.mp3 – 4:06 minutes
– Hardships are Assets.mp3 – 3:00 minutes
– Recognizing the Value of Every Person.mp3 – 3:00 minutes
– The Internet as a Self Help Tool.mp3 – 4:13 minutes
– Think Like a Kid.mp3 – 3:24 minutes
– Trading Your Life.mp3 – 4:33 minutes
– Visualization is Power.mp3 – 5:02 minutes
– When Being Arrogant is Good.mp3 – 2:54 minutes
– When the Odds are Stacked Against You.mp3 – 3:19 minutes

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Release Date: 2010
File Size (Zipped): 35,149 Kb
File Format: MP3
Audio Format: MP3
Included Graphics: YES

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[YES] Personal Use Rights
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