06 Sep

Synergy + Cool Collaboration = Happy Long-term Clients!

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Nothing is better than working your tail off, showcasing your coolness, and signing clients that never leave you.  Sweet!

The flip side, nothing is worse than working your tail off and loosing clients faster than you can get them signed.

What makes long-term clients remain loyal and committed to you?


You and your client establish early in the infancy stage of your relationship (for example: when you first meet) that you will partner and work together in a way that will benefit you both.

Upon forming your partnership, you agree to always keep the lines of communication open, never allowing misunderstandings to remain unresolved. Working collaboratively, you strive to keep the lines of communication clear and the opportunity for steady growth ongoing.

The partnership evolves over time and develops into a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Now think about it, what client would want to leave such a deeply connected business partnership where both parties are mutually benefiting from its existence?

Chances are none.

When clients feel that you are just as much invested in their success as you are of your own, chances are they will remain loyal and committed to you.

When clients depend on you to deliver and have their back and you far exceed their expectation, chances are you will have Happy Long-term Clients.


Until the next time!

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Victoria M. Parham

Motivational Life Coach at VictoriaParham.com
Victoria M. Parham is a Motivational Life Coach for Women (who Dream Big).Victoria believes in meeting her client's where they are in their lives (good or bad) and guiding them through the process of achieving a specific Life Goal(s).

"Before you can conquer the Enemy on the Outside - you must first dominate the Inner-Me on the Inside. - Quote by Victoria Parham.

In addition to Life Coaching, Victoria also serves as an online trainer for her growing list of Self-Help Courses. She is the Motivation Gatekeeper for her online Dream BiGGeR eStore, your one stop motivational shop for ebooks, audiobooks, and videos.

Victoria resides in Virginia with her husband Andre and the two - get a real kick out of spoiling their grandchild.

Learn more about Victoria, by viewing the About Me section.
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