22 Sep

Tips on How to Close your Sales Deals

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I came across this awesome sales strategies video on the Entrepreneur YouTube Channel with “TurnAround King” Grant Cardone.  Mr. Cardone offers some insightful tips and examples on how to effectively close your deals.   Closing sales deals is a real challenge for a lot of business owners.

I especially appreciated his response to a question about how to handle complaints from clients about the cost of your product or service.  The truth is as the business owner your only responsibility is to deliver what you say you can.

The responsibility of paying for your products or services belongs to the client and you should not entertain discussion about your ability, experience, and the quality you bring to the client.

For example, a reply like I’ll leave the responsibility of payment to you because you were aware of the costs when you contacted me for help.

Personal story – I remember walking away from a $30,000 project simply because the client thought the rate was way too pricey.  Unwilling to negotiate the rate, I expressed to the client all the details regarding the project and guaranteed a delivery date that exceeded their expectation.  That was my final rate.

I graciously told the client to think about it, thanked them for their consideration, and walked away.  Less than three days later, the client called me and agreed to an even higher rate due to the additional project requirements.  Sales deal closed.

I asked the client what persuaded them to change their mind, 3 things they said: 1. my track record | 2. our long-term business partnership. was invaluable | 3. funding was never an issue.

If you need some motivators to help jump-start your creative processes for closing your deals, be sure to check out this resourceful video.

About the Author:  Victoria M. Parham is a (retired) army wife, Army veteran, talk radio host, and Career Strategist. Propelling people to reach their greatest career potential.

To learn more, visit my blog: victoriaparham.com.

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