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Transformation – Coaching Yourself To Become a Better You!

transformation - coaching yourself to a better version of you

Transformation – Coaching Yourself To Become a Better You!

Transformation begins in your Mind

Let’s be honest, it takes humbleness and courage to admit that you need help.  Today’s post focuses on self development.  I’m going to share with you some helpful tips and ideas to jump-start you on the path to self-improvement.

Now before I proceed, a word of caution – self improvement doesn’t happen overnight, it didn’t take you overnight to get into your current state and it will take more than an overnight intervention to get you out – so, time, patience, and persistence is of the essence.

If you are willing to take a personal risk on yourself, believing that it is Possible for you to transform from who you are now to becoming a better version of yourself – there is no doubt, you will do it.  Two questions to ask of yourself – How bad do you want it? and Will it be Worth it?  Only you can answer these questions.

Now, let’s move on to the helpful tips and ideas that will jump-start you onto the path of self improvement and transformation.transformation

Stress is an enemy of happiness.   Stress, if left unmanaged, can take both a physical and an emotional toll on your mind, body, and spirit. Learning how to deal with stress or discovering creative ways to eliminate it altogether is essential for thinking clearly and achieving your goals.  Purposely give yourself permission to set aside time each day to relax and empty your mind. Following this practice will help to improve your inner peace.

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Transformation / Coaching

Building a better you begins with building leadership tendencies. There are a number of ways to define leadership, but it is frequently defined as “influence.”  Analyze your leadership progress.

  • What events have you been most impacted by in your life?
  • How have those events changed you?
  • What is your best attribute that makes you a team player?

Thinking deeply about these questions can bring awareness of the level of your leadership and team member skills.

One approach to personal development is to view yourself as one who has not yet learned all there is to know. The more humble you are, realizing that there is always room for growth, the more willing you are to gain knowledge.  When you know this to be true, you’ll have a craving for all of that knowledge and experience that you lack.

Keep in mind the power of complimenting others.  When you focus less on you, yourself, and your issues and focus more on the good in others, you will find that those same people – will return the favor.

Create your own pep talk.  List all of your greatest attributes, write it down or print them out and post them in all the areas where you spend most of your time.  When life begins to rear its ugly head and chances are, it will —  remind yourself of just how great you truly are, encourage yourself by reminding yourself of just how amazing of a person you are — read it over and over for inspiration.  You can also read it and record it on video, and watch it as often as you need to.

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What good would this do?

If the quality level of today is 2000, strive to make tomorrow’s quality level 2100 or higher.  Always work toward being a better version of yourself.

Motivate yourself to top yesterday’s accomplishments and set the stage for tomorrow’s successes – vp

Speaking to a pastor or a professional counselor can be very rewarding.  These people are educated and licensed to handle any problems you have, and usually have experience as well.  Counselors and pastors are ready and willing to listen to you and help you with working through your problems.  By speaking with a professional about your problems, you can lead a much healthier and enjoyable life because you aren’t bearing the burden alone.

Try different methods and track your progress to find out what works best for you.   Refrain from negative self talk – what you tell yourself – you soon begin to believe – make it Empowering!

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