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How I Use My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone for Personal and Business Tasks

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Samsung Galaxy Note II Hits the Samsung Galaxy...
Samsung Galaxy Note II Hits Korean Store Shelves (Photo credit: samsungtomorrow)

One of the most used pieces of equipment in my home/virtual office is my smartphone.

In my line of virtual work, I need technology that empowers me to work anytime and from any place.  My smartphone must be fast, reliable, versatile, and able to handle all my mobile application needs, to include: printing, file transfer, blogging, voice recording, social media exchanges, payment processing, GPS for frequent travel, video conferencing and so much more.

For years I’d been a loyal Verizon LG girl; but the time came when I needed a smartphone that was multi-functional and able to handle the demands of my business application needs.

The only smartphone on the market able to stand up to the challenge was the one and only — Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  This smartphone and its endless list of features is absolutely amazing!

Honestly, I can’t tell you the last time I turned on my laptop.

What tasks can I do on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2?  Thanks to the lightening speed of this smartphone and the Google Play store I’m able to:

  • Arrange Wake-up Service via the Alarm Clock Feature
  • Research using Google Now
  • Schedule Travel Arrangements via  Mobile versions of Hotwire | Expedia | TravelAdvisor
  • Office Productivity via Documents-to-Go | Kingsoft Office
  • Handle Banking and Bill Payments
  • Conduct Website Updates
  • Manage my Blog
  • Social Media Interactions
  • Stream Music to my Bluetooth Speakers
  • Quickly Write Notes using the S-Pen
  • Manage Emails – Send & Retrieve from Multiple Accounts
  • Multimedia – HD Videos | Pictures and share
  • Record Voice Notes / Share
  • Calendar Management – Schedule and Manage Appointments, Project Deadlines, and Engagements
  • Transfer Files to the Cloud
  • Conduct Video Calls | Web Conferences | Teleconferences
  • Stream my Favorite Movies / Shows
  • Play my Favorite Games
  • Manage Mail and Overnight Delivery Solutions – USPS | FedEx | UPS
  • Read my Favorite Books and Magazines – Nook | Kindle

My accessories include: Otterbox Defender Series | Zagg Wireless Keyboard | Microsoft Wireless Mouse |

In October 2013, Samsung released its newest baby in the Galaxy Note Series – the Note 3.  Depending on your wireless carrier, the cost for the Note 3 ranges from $299 on a new contract to almost $800 if you buy the phone outright.

State of Virginia employees, don’t forget to ask for a 15% discount on your bill, phone, and all accessories.

Will I upgrade?  Stay tuned.

If you are considering a smartphone upgrade to the Galaxy Note series, there are tons of reviews circling around the web, I came across a video that compares the Note 3 vs. Note 2, check it out below:


About the Author:

Victoria M. Parham is a (retired) army wife, veteran, podcast host, and, Career and Life Strategist. Her mission and purpose is to help people identify their ideal career and life’s purpose.

To learn more, visit my blog: victoriaparham.com.

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